Member Appreciation

Voucher Control
     A Chair person will be assigned to the  Member Appreciation Voucher( Standing Committee) each year.

 The duties of the Chair is to execute the guide lines as follows :
      Create a log of  vouchers requested . The log will collect the following information of who requested, how many, when they are needed, when they were issued and the voucher numbers .  Log a number on each voucher corresponding to the number sequence on the request form, sign and  assign the expiration date .

       As requested by the Board,  report the voucher activity.

      The Board will have final say regarding the  guide lines  for the amount of vouchers issued if the request for vouchers is outside the guide lines here in.

      Each Standing Committee may be given a  Voucher  account in advance as deemed by the Board.   

Voucher Redeeming
     Vouchers have no cash value. Vouchers will not receive a balance back  if not used at full value at time of redeeming.  As an example a $7.50 purchase may use a $5.00 voucher and $2.50 cash for purchase or if the person buying the item wishes may use two (2) $5.00 vouchers with no balance returned to them . That is their choice.

      Vouchers are to be collected by the cashiers  and turned over to the Voucher Chair.  Just as a matter of record  to account how well the voucher system is being effective.

Voucher Request
     A voucher request may be made thru the Voucher Request Form found on the Fresno Iris Society's web page .  Only Board members and Standing  Committee Chair person(s) may make a request.

How to use the Voucher
   As a for instance :  The Show Chair gets a crew  of 10 people . During the complete show there are different tasks  of setup, work during the show and tear down.  Of the 10 people, some only work the setup, some work the tear down and  some work all task during the show.  It will be up to the Chair as to how the vouchers are earned by keeping a signup sheet to keep tally . The Show Chair could in advance of the show request $200.00 in vouchers  by notifying the Voucher Chair.  After the event the Show Chair will present the Voucher Chair  the request for the Vouchers  in a form noting the Event, the Recipient and the amount.  Also if the Show Chair felt more Vouchers were needed  the Chair could make a request at this time. 

     So if the Chair deemed each task would get a voucher a person who worked all three tasks would get 3 vouchers .


                                                                                                Voucher Request Form

Only  Board Members and Chair Persons may request vouchers

Person Requesting Vouchers Signature ________________________________________________

Reason / Event for ________________________________________________________________

Value of Voucher__________________________________________________________________

Number of Vouchers___________ Number sequence of vouchers  _____________

Date requested________________

Date Required_________________

Date Issued___________________  ( Person requesting notified vouchers are ready to be picked up from Voucher Chair  Person)

 Voucher Chair Person  Signature  ______________________________________________________

Recipient may not request a voucher for themselves .

Reason Vouchers were not issued if any ____________________________________________

signed by Voucher Chair Person

Person requesting voucher complaint:

If for any reason you disagree with the decision of Vouchers not to being  issued you my present this request to the FIS Board.

  List of names and voucher value

Name ____________________  Value $_____ Name ____________________  Value $_____

Name ____________________  Value $_____ Name ____________________  Value $_____

Name ____________________  Value $_____ Name ____________________  Value $_____

Name ____________________  Value $_____ Name ____________________  Value $_____

Name ____________________  Value $_____ Name ____________________  Value $_____

Name ____________________  Value $_____ Name ____________________  Value $_____

Name ____________________  Value $_____ Name ____________________  Value $_____