The Fresno Iris Society is an affiliate of the American Iris Society and is part of Region 14.

If you wish to join the American Iris Society, send a check made out to "AIS" to:

AIS Membership Secretary
Tom Gormley
PO Box 177
DeLeon Springs, FL 32130

Single Annual  $30
Dual Annual $35
E-membership $15


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   Iris Society of Australia:


   British Iris Society :  


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   French Iris and Bulbous Plant Society



 $15 per year for individual

$20 per year for family membership. 
Youth dues shall be $5 per year.

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Membership in the Fresno Iris Society is open to residents of the San Joaquin Valley.  We garden...we host guest speakers at monthly meetings with topics ranging from hybridizing to care and development of these water-wise/drought tolerant plants.

PRESIDENT                                                         TERRY TONEY
VICE PRESIDENT                                            ROBERTA ALVES
SECRETARY                                                        KATIE HENDRICKSON
TREASURER                                                        JENNIFER WAITE
DIRECTOR AT LARGE                                  LAVERNE COTTET
DIRECTOR AT LARGE                                 ROSE PIPKIN